Documents required for GST Registration

Documents required for GST Registration

The Goods and Service Tax (GST) is a detailed indirect tax imposed on the sale of goods and services dependent on the destinations. When you are applying for your company to register for GST, you may need to submit other documents along with your application. Go through this blog to learn about the list of documents needed to register for GST.

What is registration on the GST?

GST is a multi-stage tax which is paid at all points of sale. It has replaced other indirect taxes, such as service tax, Value Added Tax ( VAT), central sales tax, excise duty, extra customs duty, etc. The Government passed the Goods & Services Act, which came into force from 1 July 2017, to incorporate GST as a comprehensive levy. Each year, the day is celebrated as ‘GST Day.’

The GST Act initially specified that companies with an annual turnover of Rs 20 lakhs would need to register as a taxable company. But, as agreed in January 2019 at the 32nd GST Council Meeting, states have been given options to either opt for new limits or proceed with previous ones. The current cap has come into effect as from 1 April 2019. Most states have chosen to increase the cap for the selling of products to Rs 40 lakhs. Nevertheless, the threshold thresholds for service providers were not changed.

GST registration is the method of registering a business entity in the GST system. This can easily be done online on the GST registration site.

In certain companies working without GST registration is a criminal offense. Hence, if you haven’t done so far, you must apply for GST registration. You must apply, along with your application, certain documents needed for the GST registration of the individual entities.

Which documents are required to register with GST?

Depending on the constitution of the company or the form of GST registration obtained, specific sets of documents may be needed. Please hold the required documents for GST registration process-

Business constitution: Depending on the form of business or constitution, the following documents are required to obtain GST registration.(Individual / Company etc.)

Details of the Bank account *

  • *A copy of cancelled cheque or passbook / bank statement extract (containing the first and last page) must be submitted for bank account information. (Maximum size-100 KB in JPEG / PDF format)

Proof of address **

Upload any one of the following documents:

  • Property tax receipt
  • Municipal Khata copy
  • Electricity bill copy
  • Ownership deed/document (in the case of owned property)
  • Lease / rent agreement (in case of leased / rented property) – To be submitted along with (a), (b) or (c)
  • Consent letter / NOC from the owner (in case of consent arrangement or shared property) – To be submitted along with (a), (b) or (c)
Section of Person Documentation required to register with GST  
Sole / Individual Owner   The owner’s PAN Card Owner’s Aadhar Card Owner photograph (maximum size in JPEG format-100 KB) Details of the Bank account *Proof of address **  
Partnership (incl. LLP)   All partners PAN card (including managing partner and approved signatory) Copy of cooperation agreement Photograph of all partners and registered signatories (max. size-100 KB in JPEG format) Partner proof address (Passport, driving license, Voters ID card, Aadhar card etc.) Approved Signatory Aadhar Card Evidence of approved signatory appointment Throughout the case of LLP, LLP Certificate of Compliance / Board agreement Details of the Bank account * Proof of address of principal place of business * *  

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